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Winter 2012/13

Last winter we were very fortunate to be given the opportunity to carry the W4 services of the 3 mtu main engines on the 34m Leopard "Cheeky Tiger" including removal, testing & replacement of all 48 fuel injection pumps, strip & rebuild of all 3 heat exchangers as well as all of the usual service requirements. Along with the usual serving of their kohler generators.

We were also given the opportunity to carry out several works for the ABS 5 year survey on the Bennetti Tradition "Salu" including megger testing, major works on their 2 caterpillar main engines & both kohler generators, which were extensively serviced, including cylinder head overhauls, fuel injectors, pump overhauls etc. Along with a number of other jobs overhauling pumps various, such as circulating pumps, vacuum system pumps & the like. We also acid flushed the air-conditioning system, carried repairs to the garage door.

These were the major works for last winter, but not to forget our other client of which there are too many to list. Thanks also go out to them.

Thanks to Josh & Steve for all their help last winter too, without which I would not have been able to succeed.


The Editor.


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